Main Functions

Driving Measurement

  • Measuring G-forces (up to 5G).
  • Displaying G-forces in the forms of G ball tracks, G meter and graphs.
  • Expressing G-forces in tones (allowing the driver to know G-forces without looking at the screen).
  • Notifying the driver with an alarm when the G-force exceeds the specified value.
  • Recording the yaw rate, the speed and GPS information.
  • Braking diagnosis (Notifies the driver of its result with sounds after stopping the car)
  • Displaying Jerk and notifying the driver with an alarm when Jerk exceeds the limit.
  • Ful-screen display of graphs.

Drive Log

  • Recording, replaying, analyzing, editing and comparing driving data.
  • Sharing driving data with others by AirDrop, DropBox, email, etc.
  • Exporting data to PC (CSV).
  • Saving graph images of driving data (into the photo library).
  • Auto-pause (data recording is automatically suspended while the car is being stopped).
  • Full-screen display of graphs.

Scoring System

The app evaluates the driver’s cornering skills on braking (deceleration) (max 5 pts), cornering (max 3 pts) and acceleration (max 2 pts), totaling 10 points at the maximum, with the objective being “the driving producing a circular track of the G ball” through cornering. It trains the driver to maintain a constant G-force throughout cornering. (see also FAQ)

Braking Diagnosis

The app judges the driver’s braking operation to stop the car, for example, at a stop light. (Additional braking during slowing down is judged bad.)