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Latest: 2021/12/22 Ver.1.0.0
 iPhone, iPad, Android
 iOS12 or later, Android4.4 or later

G-Bowl Basic - Accelerometer G-Bowl Basic - Accelerometer

About G-Bowl Basic

'G-Bowl Basic' is a driving training application that anyone can start using today.

The G-Bowl (the actual plastic version), which was the basis of this application, has been on the market in Japan for 10 years and is still widely used by automobile manufacturers as well as in bus driver education.

In the hope that more drivers will use G-Bowl, we have omitted complicated functions and created a simple and easy-to-understand application.

How to use

1) Place the iPhone (iPad) in the car.
2) Park the car as level as possible.
3) Start this application.

Let's start driving. You will hear a warning sound when the ball spills.

As you can see, in order not to drop the ball, it is important not only to drive, but also to check ahead, anticipate, and keep a good distance between cars.

The goal is to drive to your destination without dropping the ball even once.

There are three types of balls: oil-filled balls, yarn balls, and ping-pong balls.
At first, the ball with oil, which is the hardest to drop, is set.


- When the ball falls, a warning sound will notifies you.
- Touch the ball to change the ball type.
- Touch the screen (other than the ball) to adjust the level.
- Pinch to zoom, drag to adjust position.
- Vertical and horizontal placement is supported.

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