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G-Bowl Basic - Accelerometer G-Bowl Basic - Accelerometer

"G-Bowl" is a registered trademark of Original Box, Inc.

About G-Bowl Basic

The G-Bowl is a training tool that allows anyone to improve their driving skills by driving without dropping the ball.

The real G-Bowl made of resin was released in Japan in 2009 and is still widely used for driver education by automobile manufacturers, bus companies, cab companies, and others.
G-Bowl Basic is an app version of this real G-Bowl, and we hope that many drivers will use it.

How to use

1. Park in a place that is as level as possible.
2. Place your smartphone in the car (you can also stand it on a holder, etc.).
3. Launch this app (the level will be set automatically).
4. Start driving.

(You can reset the level at any time by touching the screen after starting)

A warning sound will sound when the ball falls out of the bowl while driving.

The goal is to drive from your house to your destination without dropping the ball even once. When you are able to do that, your passengers will feel comfortable and safe.

There are three types of balls: "oil-filled ball", "wool ball", and "ping-pong ball". The first one is the hardest to drop, the oil-filled ball.

Functions and operations

- A warning sound alerts the user when the ball falls.
- Five types of warning sounds can be selected.
- Touching a ball changes the ball type.
- The level button (wave icon) re-sets the level at any time.
- Pinch to zoom, drag to adjust position.
- Lock button (lock icon) to lock the layout.
- Camera button toggles camera mode (Auto or Top-down).
- The phone can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Recommended use

The recommended practice method is to make "not dropping the ball once from leaving home to returning" as the final goal.
That's all you need (but it's only once you don't drop it, you'll see how deep it is).

You won't get better by looking at the app screen while driving (you'll get bored soon).
You don't have to look at the screen, just be aware of not dropping the ball and you'll get a sense of G (this is important).
(If you concentrate for a month, you'll probably be able to tell how much G is coming out without looking at the screen)

G-sense is the foundation for humans to judge "Can I make it with this brake?" or "Can I turn around this corner at this speed?" It is essential for driving. For example, professional racers have it with high accuracy (otherwise they can't run at their limit).

General drivers don't run at their limit, so there are not a few people who drive with this sense vague.
Sometimes G is too strong or too weak, depending on where you go, turning right and left, stopping at signals, swinging your passengers' necks, and getting sick if you go to the mountains.
On the other hand, some people don't get sick even if they drive smoothly at a good pace. There is a difference that is not just speed.

You'll see when you actually try it, but in order not to drop the ball, you need to pay attention to everything, not just driving operations, but also looking ahead, predicting driving, taking distance between cars.

It seems easy, but by aiming for "not dropping it once", you can see what's important and what you can't do. It's a waste of time to try it out and say "OK, I got it".
First of all, one month. When you see how difficult it is, continue for two months, three months and build a solid foundation for driving.

When you feel confident that "the ball won't fall no matter where I drive", you will notice that your driving has changed, that you don't have unnecessary tension, and that you can drive with confidence. Please come to this world by all means.

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