First Release: 2013/8/23
Latest: 2019/11/4 Ver.6.2.0
Model: iPhone4S or later
OS: iOS 9 or later
Support iOS 13.1.2


About G-Bowl App

G-Bowl App virtually reproduces the G-Bowl device on an iPhone. It is a training and analysis tool to improve driving skills for a wide range of drivers from beginner to motorsport drivers. It depicts G-forces (acceleration/braking/cornering) generated while driving a car in the forms of the motion of a virtual G ball, graphs and sounds and allows the driver to improve his/her driving skills by integrally controlling them.

The app also records all driving data (G-force, yaw rate, speed, GPS information), and can be used as a data logger for various types of driving analysis, including circuit driving. In addition, it is equipped with many other functions, such as braking diagnosis, editing driving data and sharing it with other users.


iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, iPod Touch 5 or later. (Some functions cannot be used on devices without GPS. see also FAQ)