G-Bowl App Ver.9.0.0 Released.

G-Bowl App Ver.9.0.0 Released.

A new “Red Card Mode” is provided (toggled by pressing the Mode button).

– Red card mode is a simple G warning mode that can be started by selecting a vhiecle type.

– The “Save Driving Log” setting (Yes/No/Ask every time) has been added to the settings.

– Four types of warning sounds can be selected when the G limit alarm in the settings.

– Added a group for “Red card mode” in the settings.

– The movement amount of FW, RW button in the log playback screen is set to 10 minutes.

– Flicking the graph quickly to the left or right will now send (or return) one minute.

– Smoother drawing of graphs by touch (iOS 16 or later).

– When a graph is played at the end of the graph, it will automatically return to the beginning of the graph.

– Other minor UI visibility and operability improvements have been made.

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