G-Bowl App Ver.10.0.2 Released.

G-Bowl application Ver. 10.0.2 is released.

Ghost car display on the map screen is now supported!
Car orientation is now accurate, allowing comparison and verification of driving lines and drift angles.
This is a major update for competition-oriented users, which also supports high rate recording (up to 20Hz) of external GPS units.

– The accuracy of car orientation has been greatly improved (the previous GPS path angle was displayed, but now the yaw angle of the car is supported).
– Ghost cars are now displayed on the map! Comparison of two cars and comparison of each lap of the own car are also possible.
– Automatic alignment of ghost car display and playback with alignment (angle comparison).
– Automatic analysis of logs from previous versions to generate yaw angle information for ghost car display.
– When a Bluetooth external GPS unit is used, it can now record up to 20 Hz (*1).
– Improved map zooming function, allowing users to check details by setting map scale and zoom operation.
– Added vehicle color settings, yaw angle, and heading angle display settings to [Settings]-[Map Display].
– Yaw angle and heading angle are added to CSV output.
– Default position of log display is set to “First” (can be changed to “End” by setting).
– Playback operation buttons have been readjusted to be easier to press.
– Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

*1 Actual frequency depends on the specification of the external unit.

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