G-Bowl App Ver.5.2.0 Released.

G-Bowl App Ver.5.0.1 Released.

  • Added [G Graph] – [Bold Line] for the Settings (valid in all graph mode).
  • Added [G Graph] – [Fill Lateral G] to the Settings (valid in graph mode “(5) Lateral G”).
  • Added [G Graph] – [Draw Accel as Plus] in the Setting (valid in graph mode “(6) Accel & Braking G”).
  • Added [G Graph] – [Graph Colors 2] to the Setting, you can exchange the color of jerk and yaw rate.
  • The scale can be changed by touching the graph during measurement.
  • Overall review of drawing of graph, grid and raw data lines made it easy to see.
  • Display method of graph mode name was improved.
  • In “(4) Accel G”, Acceleration G and jerk increase in the same direction.
  • The yaw rate was set to follow the screen aspect ratio on the full screen display.
  • Corrected the setting of [G Graph] – [Graph Mode] to New 6 mode.
    – Fixed a bug where [Edit] – [Save the Range as an mage] line was thickened.
  • Fixed a bug that the scale of the map changed when the screen is rotated.
  • Fixed a bug in screen display when measuring on G meter display, graph full screen.

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